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The Amalfi Coast and Sorrento have so much to offer for lovers of hiking and trekking, we will suggest you the most beautiful trails to do.

Ieranto Bay

Ieranto Bay

The Ieranto Bay is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful walks you can do in coastal, both for its views along the way and the fact that coming to the end of the path you will come to one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Gulf , about the view of Punta Campanella and the Faraglioni of Capri.

The trail starts from the square of Nerano, and specifically from the road leading to Marina del Cantone (Via A. Vespucci).

Started the walk, you immediately see the coast with the islands of Li Galli. The trail continues up until another panoramic point from where you can admire the village of Canton with his rather extensive beach that spans the waters of the Gulf of Salerno.
Advancing along the path meet shrubs typical of the Mediterranean, such as the carob tree, the oak, mastic, euphorbia and the inevitable olives.

During the walk we will meet the limestone walls of Mount San Costanzo, with its stunning cliffs and the sea.
As soon as the route becomes more challenging due to its slope and the stones protruding from the dirt, you get closer to the area of ​​Aude, accessible today only by sea.

Continuing on, you intravedrà the promontory of Montalto and from here the trail opens up to a spectacular view: on the one hand and on the other with Punta Penna with Punta Campanella, "held together" in the center, from the superb offer from 'isle of Capri with Faraglioni.

At this point there is a clear geomorphological a Tre Pizzi of the promontory which, most probably, contributed to the allocation history of the place name.

At the fork you choose now whether to proceed to the sixteenth-century tower of Montalto (admirable example of the coastal defense system dating back to the viceroy period), or advancing to the ancient staircase steps leading to the small beach of Capitiello.

In years past Ieranto was a quarry for the extraction of limestone and is the clear part of the mountain is missing, as are clear traces of the industrial now clearly belongs to the industrial archeology.

Despite this, the charm of this path, with its lovely beach remains unchanged.

Crapolla Fjord

Crapolla Fjord

The path that leads to the fjord Crapolla winds along the path of Mons Lactarius and ends in a lovely pebble beach overlooking the Gulf of Salerno. The crystal clear sea, a visible abandoned village and the remains of a Roman villa make a visit to this beautiful corner a truly unique experience.

The route starts from the village of Massa Lubrense or Twist. In both cases, after about 1 km ritch begins the real path, consisting of 667 steps leading all the way down to the beach. The trail is challenging but the breathtaking views make you forget the fatigue.

At one point of the path is a small belvedere, from which, among other things, you can see the islands of Li Galli, the mythical home of the Sirens and the island of Vetara area of Integral Reserve of the Marine Reserve of Punta Campanella.

Along the way you can see the Tower of Crapolla, dating back to 1500 which served as a watchtower against the Saracens ships.



The beach Recommone is easily reached from Marina del Cantone in about 20 minutes. The path to a certain point opens to a beautiful view: You can see the islands of Li Galli, formerly the residence of the famous dancer Rudolph Nureyev, and the island was owned by Eduardo De Filippo, the famous playwright and actor Neapolitan . Towards the end of the route passes close to the Tower of Recommone, 1567, unfortunately in bad condition. The beach is pebbly and is about 60 meters long and is located at the end of a valley in which flows a small stream.



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